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Staycation and Flexication – New Trends in Travelling?

Are you dreaming of living and working from Lisbon?

Working desk for remote working
Working Desk for Your Flexication in Lisbon Dreams City Apartment

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted enormously the tourism industry since March 2019.There is no doubt that many establishments will not return to open, but there is also no doubt that innovation and changes happen. Accommodation units have to re-invent themselves to correspond to the turbulent environment of the industry and new habits and preferences of the travellers. Staycation and flexication are two new trends that might be here to stay!

Staycation growing out of the words “stay” and “vacation” is a movement born from economic crises and awareness of the ecological awareness. It means to stay home or enjoy your vacations near your home thus saving all kinds of resources. The current world happenings have been boosting this trend and enabling us all to get to know better our surroundings.

Flexication is the new trend related to remote working and possibility to work from anywhere. More people than ever have flexible location-independent work conditions which promotes new kind of travelling. Flexication has created conditions for people to travel abroad, stay a bit longer in a location and mix working with getting to know the destination.

While traditional tourism as such has been nearly inexistent throughout this last year, we here in Lisbon Dreams Spaces have also welcomed some lovely flexicationg guests. Although flexications might put longer term in risk the sustainability of short-term rentals, it will definitely be a trend to consider and gater to in the future.

Are you dreaming of living and working from Lisbon?

Do not hesitate to contact us for taylor-made flexication proposal in Lisbon!

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